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The Nereus Group

Nereus Group has been established with a strong vision and ambition to fulfil the requirements of our clients with best possible ways available. The Team is from the same sector and having experience of On Shore and at sea experiences for over 15+ years.

  • The main aim of the company is to provide the services to the client which are very vital in the Industry but are being offered at either very high cost or with least quality. We started this venture to cater the needs of owners at very low cost and with utmost reliability
  • Though the company is new but we are having a very strong team along with associates in Asia and Parts of the rest of world who can provide the required services to our clients most effectively. Nereus Marine Services is focusing on the Technical support to owners.


It is the Company’s Policy to provide a safe and healthy  workplace environment for shore based and shipboard  personnel and the Company is committed to:

▶ Prevent loss of life, work-related injury or illness by  promoting safe and healthy practices and proper planning  and execution of operations.

▶ Comply with applicable requirements that relate to  Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S).

▶ Establish its own standards and guidelines where existing  laws and regulations are not adequate to assure protection to  human health and safety.

▶ Establish clear OH&S objectives and targets towards  minimizing risk potentials and protect all staff working on  board ships by the use of appropriate technology and  operating procedures.

▶ Encourage all individuals to identify potentially unsafe  conditions or unlawful practices and to undertake corrective  measures.

▶ Ensure that regular safety and contingency drills are  conducted by the Master and at times supervised by the  shore based personnel for ensuring that relevant personnel  are fully conversant with their duties so as to maintain a  confident and proficient team on board to deal with all  contingencies and emergencies.

▶ Ensure that Safety is uppermost in mind in all Company  instructions.

▶ Continuous improvement in OH&S management and OH&S  performance.

It is the Company’s Policy to ensure that all shore based and ship  based personnel carry out their duties in an ethical and honest manner  ensuring that they exhibit the highest standards of integrity and  righteousness at all times. The Company is committed to:

▶ Ensure that no shore based employee or personnel onboard ships under  Management, participates in any incentive or bonus programs based on  minimizing operational costs associated with the operation,  maintenance, and repair of machinery space systems, equipment, and  components without ensuring that efficiency and performance are  maintained. The intent of this is to ensure that staff do not avoid such  costs and thereby sacrifice required level of compliance.

▶ Take appropriate action, up to and including dismissal, against any  shore based employee or personnel onboard ships under Management  who obstruct, hinder or present false information, or make false  statements during any inspection; monitoring or audit carried out by  any authority whatsoever.

▶ Ensure that NO shore based employee or personnel onboard ships  under Management are punished, discriminated against or otherwise  suffers negative consequences for reporting violations of QHSE laws,  regulations, or policies.

▶ Take disciplinary action up to and including dismissal against any  shore based employee or personnel onboard ships under Management  who depart from specified operating policies and procedures.

▶Shore based employees and personnel onboard ships under  Management may also be personally liable for criminal, civil or  administrative penalties as a result of non-compliance.

Company is committed to providing a work environment which is free from harassment. It is  the Company policy to prohibit any form of harassment in any workplace whether in the office or  onboard company managed ships.

Harassment covers a range of behaviours, including subtle and not-so-subtle, verbal and non-  verbal behaviour. It can be engaged in or experienced by both males and females. The Company  will not tolerate any form of harassment at any level. Harassment includes:

▶ Telling jokes or making verbal or physical innuendoes which are unwelcome and explicitly or  implicitly belittle an individual’s sex, race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity,  national origin, ancestry, disability, or age.

▶  Engaging in verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, including (for example) conduct  that expressly or implicitly constitutes an unwelcome sexual advance or a request for sexual  acts or favours

▶  Making an unwelcome verbal request of a sexual nature, e.g. suggestions that sexual  cooperation will affect an employment decision or is a condition of an individuals continued  employment

▶  Taking or failing to take a personnel action (e.g. firing, demoting, failing to promote) in  reprisal for an employee’s rejecting or reporting an inappropriate conduct of a sexual nature

▶  Failing to take appropriate action in response to an employee’s reporting a harassing conduct  (e.g. failing to investigate charges)

▶  Creating an intimidating, hostile, humiliating, or offensive work environment by means of  verbal or physical conduct of a harassing nature

▶  Subjecting others to obscenity or offensive language (which might include displaying  offensive or sexually suggestive photographs, objects, pictures, cartoons, graffiti, etc., using  offensive language in situations where others are certain to hear it, and similar conduct);

▶  Graphic commentary about an individual’s body, sexual prowess or sexual deficiencies, or

▶  Leering, whistling, touching, pinching, assault.

▶This kind of behaviour is unacceptable both in offices and in any work-related setting outside  our offices such as during business trips, on office outings, at parties, business-related social  events and on board company managed ships.

The Company will follow local laws and regulations in terms of procedure in jurisdictions  where a certain procedure is mandated.

The Company is committed to maintain a safe and healthy working environment, free  from the unauthorised use of drugs and alcohol, for all employees.

The Company recognises that alcohol, drug, or other substance abuse by employees may  impair their ability to perform properly and will have serious adverse effects on the safety,  efficiency and productivity of other employees and the Company as a whole. The misuse of  legitimate drugs, or the use, possession, distribution or sale of illicit or un-prescribed drugs  on company business or Company ships, is strictly prohibited and is grounds for  termination. Being unfit for work because of use of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited  and is grounds for termination of employment.

The Company may conduct unannounced searches for alcohol and/or drugs on Company  ships. Unannounced periodic or random testing will be conducted when an employee meets  any one of the following conditions:

▶  either the Individual has had a substance abuse problem

▶  or is working in a designated position identified by the Company

▶  or in a position where testing is required by law

▶A confirmed positive test result or refusal to submit to an alcohol or drug test is  grounds for disciplinary action, including termination.

Reasons for such testing may include:

▶  for cause

▶  post-incident

▶  pre-employment

▶  reasonable suspicion

▶  follow-up

▶  random types of testing

▶Contractors sailing as ship’s complement are subject to the provisions of the Company’s  Drug & Alcohol Policy and Procedures. Visitors, contractors and vendor’s personnel  will be subject to the same standards for search and inspection as the ship’s  complement in regard to alcohol, drugs and controlled or illegal substances while on  Company ships. Failure to comply with this Policy in this regard may result in removal  from the ship and denial of future access.

It is the Company’s Policy to work towards a cleaner marine environment  and the Company is committed to:

▶ Firmly support the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution  from Ships (MARPOL) and other environmental requirements and  believing that the first line of defence against pollution must be to avoid  accidents occurring.

▶ Comply with applicable marine environmental protection requirements  established under International, Flag State, Port State and Coastal State  Laws including but not limited to the International Convention for the  Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL), concerning the use of Oily  Water Separators, Oil Content Meters, Incinerators and other Pollution  Prevention Equipment.

▶ Company is committed to achieve Zero spill with continuous improvements         through:

▶ Continuous improvement in environmental performance, including those  areas in the Environmental Management System.

▶ Pollution prevention with an emphasis on source reduction, including the  funding and human resources necessary to effectively maintain and repair  the systems, equipment, and components found in machinery spaces of  vessels.

▶ Continuous reduction of environmental risks.

▶ Sharing information with external stakeholders on environmental  performance.

▶ Undertake steps in energy conservation to help address the problem of  depleting natural resources and its impact on the environment.

▶Company has a Zero Tolerance approach to any non-compliance/violation  of above policy and will extend fill cooperation to authorities in brining  offenders to books.

The Company recognises that safety, environment  protection, pollution prevention and efficiency are an  integral part of good ship management which can only be a  result of a combination of right skills, knowledge and  experience ashore and onboard vessels.

In order to accomplish the desired objectives as well as  provide and maintain the highest standards of ship  management, the company is committed to:

▶ Employ staff having adequate qualifications, skills,  knowledge and experience to serve in the rank or  position they have been selected for.

▶ Employ only those seafarers who are mentally and  physically sound and medically fit to effectively execute  the set objectives of the Company.

▶ Inculcate a sense of loyalty and dedication and to  encourage a sense of belonging to become long serving  employees of the Company.

▶ Provide staff ashore and afloat with information and  training necessary for them to fully understand the  Company’s QHSE System.

▶ Ensure that compliance with the QHSE standards is a  key ingredient in the identification of training needs and  performance reviews of shore and shipboard personnel.

It is the Company’s policy to:

▶ Provide a secure working environment, by establishing and  maintaining the required security measures to prevent unlawful  acts against ships which endanger the safety and security of  persons/property on board and the environment.

▶ Ensure that the Master, Company Security Officer and the Ship  Security Officer are given necessary support to fulfil their  duties and responsibilities in accordance with IMO’s draft  amendments to SOLAS Chapter XI-2 and the ISPS Code.

▶The Master has the overriding authority and responsibility to make decisions regarding the security of the ship and to request  the assistance of the Company or of any Contracting  Government as may be necessary.

All Company employees, ashore and on board ships, are  expected to comply with the required procedures within the  Ship Security Plan and should be familiar with the relevant  security duties required of them and the measures required to  protect the ship from any unlawful act.

Complying with and maintaining ship security is a continuous  process and as new potential threats are uncovered, additional  security procedures and measures shall be devised and  implemented.

It is the Company’s policy to ensure that that all shore based  and ship based personnel use the internet in a responsible  manner. All are personally responsible for the content they  publish on-line, whether in a blog, social computing site or any  other form of user-generated media. Be mindful that what you  publish will be public for a long time.

▶ They should be careful about what information and images  they make available to others on the Internet about the  Company and Company’s managed vessels.

▶ Do not act in an inappropriate manner, intentionally or  otherwise, and do not communicate any confidential  information or other sensitive matters online and to third  parties.

▶ Do not publish content that might allow inferences to be  drawn which could damage Company’s reputation or any  relationship with the Company.

▶ Do not use ethnic slurs, discriminatory remarks, personal  insults, obscenity, or engage in any similar conduct.

▶ Show proper consideration for others’ privacy.

▶All Company employees, ashore and on board ships, are expected to comply with the required procedures within the  Safety Management System pertaining to Social Media and  appropriate use of internet.