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Technical Management/Technical assistance

Technical Management/Technical assistance

Nereus Group is well equipped with professional and well qualified  managers, diversified vision, no limit contacts and huge public relations  throughout the world to attend vessel at any stage anywhere. Our managers  have proven efficiency throughout, independently, supporting ship owners,  managers and even few well established technical managers. We keep our pride  in staying always ahead and moving to heights by every passing day. We offer  customized maintenance and repair for a variety of vessels, and pride ourselves  on our individualized attention to each job. Below are our few of Technical  supports from the vast ocean in shipping organization:

▶ Budgeting & Planning including, estimated operating cost for given vessels.

▶ Trade estimates

▶ Repair estimates

▶ Maintenance or upgrading of vessel whilst trading. A cost-effective  alternative to costly dry-dock repairs whilst vessel is trading with little or  no downtime.

▶ Professional / workshop / Crew attendance whilst vessel at the shipyards  during docking and afloat repairs or surveys.

▶ Quick response in Emergencies and expert’s attendance as and when required  continuous monitoring and suggestions to master to overcome the situation.

▶ Cost effective and quality supplies of spares.

▶ Company maintains an online system of instant updates and regular  maintenance reports which vessel owners can access by logging into the  Ship owners’ section of the site.

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